Tuesday, August 23, 2005

26 hours 30 minutes 45 seconds...

...until the bell rings on the first day of school. Then I finish my year with three glorious hours to myself. Then I can have something I have not had in a very long time. Uninterrupted knit time. I will be able to actually complete a row without have to set my project down to: a) find something, b) wash something, c) feed something.

Jess is pretty excited too. Her bus driver lives a few doors down, and she had the bus pulled in her drive to clean it up. Jess was all excited. She wanted to get on the bus now. Tomorrow's going to be fun. Which reminds me, I have to charge the camera to get the first day of school shot. (maybe some wip's as well?)

Nate made me promise not to repeat actions taken last year on the first day of school. To catch you up, Jess cried while boarding the bus, (the noise, I forgot to prepare her for the noise.) And screamed bloody murder as the bus pulled away. ( to her credit she was only three years old.) Then I did what any rational person would do. I jumped in my car, and raced the bus to the school. Once there, I left my car and hid behind some bushes (at the time we were not sure what Jess could actually see, so why risk it?) And watched as she was escorted off the bus and to her classroom. Really once she realized that she was at school she was fine, and even excited. I then had to wait for all the kids to be unloaded from the buses and taken inside, before I could emerge from the bushes. (In retrospect, I was really lucky I was not arrested or anything.)

Anyway, I told Nate not to worry. This is all old hat now. So tomorrow I promise pictures.

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