Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Still here

Hi. How are you? Good, good. Sorry I have been ignoring you lately. Things around here have just left me a bit frazzled.

Jess kicked off the new school year. She's loving it, I'm loving it. It's a good thing. She's been picking out her own outfits. This has been highly entertaining for all involved.

She is so cute. It makes me almost forget that her new method of communicating with me is screaming.

My sockapaltwo-za socks are done, blocked and ready to be sent to their new home. Hopefully, their new owner has better luck photographing them.

Silky wool, color 24
petticoat socks from Weekend Knitting (modified).

As for the slipper pattern, I have only heard from one of my test knitters so far. (check it out) I'd like to hear from one or two more before I put the pattern up for sale. Yup I'm sorry it won't be free, but I could really stand to make a few bucks right now.

My stepfather has been in poor health for quite some time. For the last couple weeks he has been hospitalized for various reasons. He has a very weak heart for one; so weak, that they have told us for quite some time now, that he cannot endure anymore surgeries. They have told us repeatedly that if he were to go under anaesthetic (I think I may have butchered that word. I apologize), he would most likely never wake up. So, of course in the past few weeks they have been considering and attempting numerous surgeries on him. A bypass or two...a possible amputation...maybe we'll throw in some dialysis in the mix. So, of course my mother has just been stressed beyond what anyone should go through. Meanwhile I'm trying to do as much for her and my stepfather as I can. But geez, I still feel like it's not enough. But there is some good news. They have decided that no more surgeries are required, and as soon as he's healed up, he can go home. So, we are all anxious for him to recoop.

Now, hopefully things can get back to normal, and I can dig out my knitting and give you all an update Wednesday. I think today, I may catch a movie.

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