Sunday, August 14, 2005

Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder.

I most definitely have it. I'm not sure of the root cause, but it has become quite annoying.

So, as remedy I joing another Knit along.
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Anyway, pictures of my weekend progress.

A new ballet Tee for Jess. She has hit a growth spurt and the old one now hits her above the belly button. This one is made from that last of the Jaeger Trinity. I really like this yarn, but my LYS only carries pastel and lame colors (although they have a limey green I kinda like.)

This is the first of 5 felted hats I need to make for Christmas gifts. I have a bunch of little girls who want hats. I have pink, blue, magenta, and two orange to make. I had borrowed Felted Knits to use one of the patterns, but tit didn't quite come out how I wanted to I started over with a pattern I made froma mish-mash of my felting hat experiences. I'm pretty pleased with it, but I am thinking I'll take all the left over yarn from all of these and make some felted flowers to tack on.

My boot sock progress. This has been my movie sock, although I have not worked on it much this weekend. I plan to finish it in the next couple weeks and send off to the lady collecting them for armed service personnel.

I have more than half of my second sockpal sock done, but no picture as it is sitting out in the car right now, and I'm too lazy to go get it.

Remember my rambling-ons about the maryjane slipper socks that Jen loaned me to figure out the pattern to? (Jen's pair are on top, the one I made on bottom.) I have one done in size small, out of Noro silk garden, and an oddball of cascade 220 for the strap. I really like it. I'm finishing the second one and then making a medium sized pair. These just might be the quick-knit Christmas gift everyone gets this year. I can get one pair out of one skein, unless I want to two to match, then I need to use two Noro skeins, But, damn, I am liking these. I have been having to work on them in secret though. Everyone who has seen it wants a pair.

Um, I'm hoping that we get a Carma post soon. I think I may need to drop out of the blog world for a week or two. I have some thinking to do. I might be able to resurface now and then, but I don't want to promise anything.

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