Thursday, March 03, 2005

wannabe dog owner

Ok, these are stinkin' cute.

Teegan's slippers. Done. Which means I can box up everything to give Cari to give to Teegan's Mom.

*sigh* I'm still waiting for my Soapshed order to arrive. I placed the order last Wednesday(23rd), and when I checked my order status last night,they had not shipped it until the 28th. Hopefully it arrives soon,. It contains part of my trade with Tricky Tricot, otherwise It wouldn't be a big deal.

Carma called me last night, to inform me that she knows of an English Bulldog that needs a home. I have always wanted an English Bulldog, but they're freaking expensive. Now I just need to convince Nate that we need to adopt this dog. Hopefully we can get past his recent "pet-nazism".

Last night, as I battled with my ongoing insomnism, I was googling like made to find a string bag pattern that was not too involved but looked like I wanted it to. (Carma gets credit for planting the notion in my head) I finally found it. It's here. Although, I think I will change the shoulder strap into two handles. I'm sick of wading through plastic bags, and if this pattern is truly as "quick and easy" as it states, Maybe I won't have to anymore. Yeah I know, just what I need, ANOTHER project.

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