Tuesday, March 01, 2005


This is why I do not crochet (much) anymore.

I don't think it photographs well, but that is a four and a half inch scar
A couple years ago I broke both bones in my right forearm, tripping over a box. (yep, I'm graceful.) I broke both bone completely through. I now have what is referrred to by many as the "bionic arm". In order to set the bones, I had surgery to insert a rod the length of my forearm and a plate that wraps around one of the bones. (If I had my Gray's Anatomy coloring book handy, I could write the proper names, but it has mysteriously disappeared.) Any way the rod has long since been removed but the plate remains. You can feel it in my arm.
I realize without it, the bone would not have healed properly and I would have lost a great deal of range of motion. But the mother hurts like hell when I crochet for any length of time.
Which, sadly, is why I only have this much crocheted blanket.

I don't know what to do now. Should I put it up, or should I rip it out?

By the way, how cute is this slipper? I have yet to put the straps on, and sew up the second. This one's going to sit on my desk for a day or two though.

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  1. I have several suggestions about the blanket... You could make the crochet the edging of a knit blanket (meaning hopefully you'll eventually be up to crocheting the other end) OR you could teach me to crochet and finish it OR hmmmmmmm.

    Is the plate going to be there forever? I'm sure we've discussed but your best friend, not too bright. ;)