Tuesday, January 31, 2006

even more slippers! (Should I move on to something else?)

With an adequately rested arm, I decided to finish up the crocheting I needed to do on three pair of Sweet Mary Janes I had. (Sidenote: It make take me a while to update the gallery. Posting photos using dial up is very time consuming.)

#1 size small in Lion wool.

#2 size small in mission falls wool.

#3 size smaller (I winged this pair) in Wolly Stripes.

And I cannot believe I forgot to show you all the very cool gift my Mom gave me on Saturday.

She handed me a baggie of labels she ordered for me. Aren't they cute? (I apologize for the poor quality photo. The flash kept washing everything out.)

Guess I should cast on the newsboy cap she's asked for.

I started a broiche hat for my Dad,(Did anyone else learn the broiche technique as shaker rib? There have been so many times I thought I was going to learn a new technique only to realize that it is something I know, under a different name.) and knit about 6 inches of it when I realized he would probably never wear it, so I've set it aside. I just don't feel like making Dad anything. So, I'm back to square one. At least I have a week to come up with something.

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