Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Keep it coming

Well, so far Rogue has the lead on Zigzag. I plan on making my final decision on Friday, so please keep your votes coming.

I considered doing a lace project, but I cannot work lace with Nate and Jess at my elbows. That means the only time I would have to work on it would be while Jess was in school, and it doesn't seem right to choose a project for the knitting olympics that I would not be able to work on during the olympics.

I'm cruising knitpicks trying to decide on colors I would like to use for whichever project wins. In the meantime...

Lady E 21 tiers done.

My version of We Call Them Pirates, in progress.


Tracy emailed me a picture of her completed Sweet Mary Janes. They are super cute. Thanks, Tracy.

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