Friday, January 06, 2006

shawl? what shawl?

Remember my leaf lace shawl that I posted the othe day? You know, the one I had planned to do 8 repeats of the lace and then the border and be done? The one I was on the 6th Repeat?

Yesterday, I found and error in it. A misplaced YO about 5o rows down. It mocked me. I set it aside. The misplaced YO would somehow rise to the top of the heap and stare at me. I could not bear it.

This is my shawl now. I've decided that yes, I could reknit it, but I'd rather knit the silk corset.

Note to self: Cut back on the coffee. Last night I was at the Stitch and Bitch, helping Tara weave in some ends, and I had a caffeine tremor. Seriously. (Of course, getting a new coffee maker for Christmas has caused my coffee consumption to triple lately.)

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