Friday, January 13, 2006

Bootie Call

The phone rang today. It was Amy. She was desperate. She was getting ready for a trip out of town Saturday morning. A trip, she had just found out, was to include a baby shower.

Could I possiblly make her a pair of booties for a little girl and have them ready in the morning?

Sure, no problem. (Yeah I was cocky, I know that now.) I even put it off until after I got Jess to bed. A piece of cake, I mean, really, I've made dozens of these.

Aren't they cute? I mean look at them. The little right shoe and the little right shoe. Wait.

Fortunately, I just needed to unsew a seam and flip the slipper inside out and sew it back up.

But all of this hubbub has detracted from my work on my Lady E.

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