Wednesday, January 11, 2006

more socks

I finished Nate's anniversary socks last night. (Well, technically, a few hours ago, but I won't have this post up until the morning.) I just went ahead and gave them to him. He likes them a lot and I guess that's why I make them. At some point along the second sock, I always regret that I promised him socks, but in the end it's all worth it.

With that I moved onto my last January knitting obligation, my niece's one skein wonder. I had finished the main part and had started working the sleeves, but it just wasn't right. The pattern was good, it was something the recipient would love, but the yarn was nothing special, so I tore through my bins of yarn and UFOs to see what else I had. Low and behold I had found these forgotten things.

Trekking socks, toes knitted, that I started for my niece last October. I had completely forgotten about them. So she'll be getting socks instead, which she'll be excited about because she has already asked me for a pair.

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