Thursday, January 05, 2006

socks and lace

Thanks for the compliments on Salt Peanuts. Overall, I'm pleased with it.

I've been working on socks lately I have two pair to finish in about two weeks. (Nate's and some retro ribs) Luckily, I have one of each pair done, and they shouldn't take long, the problem is that they no longer hold my attention which of course equals knitting project death around here.

So, I'm forcing myself to stick with them both while I search my stash (It has to be stash yarn, I'm forbidden to buy more. My birthday's coming up....send yarn.) for a yarn to make my seven year old niece a long sleeved one skein wonder. (Thanks for the suggestion, Jillian.) Ok, so maybe a knit a few rows of my lace leaf shawl too. It's also begging to get off the needles.

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