Monday, January 09, 2006

socks aside

ok, after a morning that consisted of a steady diet of weak tea, toast and chicken broth, I am feeling much better.

So now I need to share with you what happened on Friday.

See we have a running gig on Fridays. Jess spends a good part of her morning with one of her Grandmas, then Grandma takes her to school. Last Friday, while waiting for Grandma to show up I had pulled out the retro rib socks I've been working on for said Grandma's birthday (the 20th). I had hoped to sneak a few rows in before she showed up. She showed up sooner than expected and caught me trying to stuff the socks under a throw pillow as she came in.

She asked me what I was working on. I told her they were socks. She was totally unimpressed. (I KNOW!) Then she laid down a pretty big hint for a new scarf.

Last year I had made her a scarf that my baby sis promptly claimed as her own. So this morning I set the socks aside, and started looking for scarf ideas. I've decided on this one.

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