Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sock Sistah

Sockapaloooza officailly kicked off today. I voluntered to be a "sock sistah" to help with the KAL updates and such.

I've got my pal and I am now trying to figure out what to make her.

Also, it's a small small knitblogging world, as I just found out that Susie is in my sock sistah group. I met Susie last May in Kalamazoo when stephanie was there on her Harlot tour.

My sock pal has emailed me a few questions that I thought I would answer here.

I hope you're as excited to knit socks for your sock pal as I am to
knit socks for you! Because you're an experienced sock knitter, I
thought I'd ask you a few questions so I could use the answers to make
something special for you (I know you don't like alpaca).

Did I write alpaca? I probably did but I meant angora, as I'm a little sensitive to it. I actually love alpaca.

1. Please name at least one sock yarn you've never used, but would like to try.

hmm...well, there's fleece artist, kroy, opal, cherry tree hill, lana grossa, and that's all I can think of right now.

2. True or false: Variegated yarns are beautiful in the skein, but you
have to choose carefully, because they can pool, flash or stripe in
unexpected ways, and that's annoying.

Actually flashing and pooling doesn't really bother me at all. It's all part of the charm I think.

3. You're shipwrecked on a desert island with a trunk full of one kind
of sock yarn. What yarn would you want to find in the trunk?

Ooo...this is hard but I have to go with koigu.

4. You are at Stitches Midwest in Illinois. A fight has broken out
between Nancy Bush (cabled, striped and more traditional socks; author
of Knitting on the Road) and Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (lacy,
feminine socks, author of The Sock Calendar) over who's the better
designer. Who are you rooting for and why?

Ha haha, oh man, i like them both, but I'd have to go with Nancy Bush. She's amazing.

5. Which statement is most appropriate for you?

a. I would wear hand knit socks every day if I could, so I don't mind
more muted colors and patterns that don't stand out at work or more
formal situations.

b. I wear hand knit socks mostly on the weekends, so I like wild and
crazy patterns and colors that are eye-catching and fun.

c. I would wear hand knit socks every day if I could, and I like
bright colors and patterns for any occasion, even at work.

Well, since I have no work or formal occasions then I'd have to go with C

6. What color do you see most in your closet? Is that a good thing or
a bad thing? Would that color be one of your favorites?

Hmm, Brows, blues, dark reds, and lately a lot of green. Green is one of my favorite colors

7. Do you like surprises?

I LOVE surprises.

Thanks, Erin - I'm looking forward to your answers, either here or on
your blog!

Thanks, Sockpal for taking the time to get to know me bit better, giving me a laugh, and a bit of blog fodder.

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