Monday, February 13, 2006

My (hindered) progress.

Here's my Rogue. (next to it is a baby bonnet.) I have one more cable repeat before I divide the front and back. so far I'm ahead of schedule, and I must say this surprises me. Saturday, instead of working on Rogue, I taught my Ma and SIL to knit. Then Sunday, I did not have much progress due to a pain.

I have a scar right under my right thumb. When I broke both bones in my arm completely through, and the idea was to insert a rod into my wrist and down my arm. Unfortunately this did not work and they had to go back into my forearm and install a plate. Anyway, sometimes this still hurts. Like it did on Sunday and still does today. It sucks because it even hurts to hold a pen. So today I have to take a break. I'm hoping to be able to pick rogue back up tomorrow.

In needlecase news, Wendy has volunteered to make my case, and had actually finished it yesterday! I am planning to make her a kiri shawl as a thank you.

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