Monday, February 06, 2006

random knitting thoughts

Well, I broke down and just bought another skein of yarn for my pie shawl from the shop I had originally ordered the rest from. (Lambikin's Hideaway, if you are wondering. It's the closest yarn shop I have found to my in-laws, although I have yet to be able to sneak in a trip there on our visits.) The have Lite-Lopi for 3.25 a skein, so the body of the shawl has cost me $19.50 (minus shipping)for all 6 skeins. I have picked up some yarn for the edging at my LYS. The color match is not perfect, but close enough for me. It's 2 ply Shetland Spindrift. I'm hoping 2 skeins of the will be enough. (If so the shawl will be under 30 bucks, which I'm pretty happy about.) It doesn't look like it will be finished by Olympic stime, so I have decided to finish what I can and when the yarn arrives, take a break from my Rogue to finish my shawl. Just to add a bit more pressure.

I still haven't decided on my socks for my sockpal. I want to go with a more textured sock, but I'm not sure the patterns I have been looking at will be a comfortable fit, or if I'll have to modify the pattern.

I've also picked up some yarn today for my corrected baby bonnet pattern, so I can test knit it and put it up here. (Especially for Ann. See, I haven't forgotten.)

I have the back of my sweater I'm designing. But I think I'll be ripping it out and starting over. I had an idea of what I'd like to do differently while I was about two thirds through the back. I had thought about submitting it, but I think i'll just post here when I finish it.

I bought some yarn to make a Odessa today as well.

I have also been tweaking a couple of other patterns I had requests for, so hopefully I'll have those up soon.

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