Sunday, February 05, 2006


The yarn I chose for my sockpal has arrived.

Pretty huh? It's Shelridge Farms, Crocus. I'm still trying to decide on a pattern. Among those I'm consodering:

Embossed leaves (IK winter '05)
Almost argyles

There are a few others I'm contemplating.

I'm trying to finish my Perfect Pie before the Olympics start. I'm almost to the halfway point of the third wedge. I think I may have a problem. It looks like I might be a half of a skein shy for this project. I know exactly why. I went up to a size 11 for this shawl, because I liked it much better than when I was using the reccommended size 10s. The only problem is when I ordered this yarn, I only ordered 5 skeins, and although my LYS carried Lite Lopi, they do not have this color. My only hope, other than placing another order is to check out the yarn shop in Highland.

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