Monday, February 20, 2006

Complete lack of focus.

I'm now behind schedule for the knitting Olympics. It's my own fault. I was distracted.

I made my Mom a newsboy hat(black), I worked on Kiri, I put and edging on my pie shawl(note: there is no edging on my shawl. I got halfway through and decided I didn't like it and ripped it out.) I started a bunny hat for baby Sara's birthday, and started the second sock for my FIL's birthday. The other sock is in the kitty pouch. Isn't it cute. I absolutely LOVE it. If you'd like one, head over to Piddleloop's store and pick one up

Complete lack of focus.

I think I should be able to finish still on time. Last week I had a couple of days I took off from Rogue. (This thing's getting heavy. I look forward to finishing the hood, so I can move on the the LIGHTWEIGHT sleeves.)

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