Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Random knitterly thoughts.

Well, the second skein has been located, so Rogue will (eventually) be finidhed.

I've got nothing today to share, except some knitterly progress. Sorry for no pictures, but these are gifts for those who read the blog.

The felted clogs are done and washed. Pictures to come.

I have turned the second heel on the birthday retro ribs, and now more tedious ribbing to go. I have to say even though the ribbing gets old pretty quick. the finished socks are awesome, and very stretchy.

I'm on the last repeat before the edging of Wendy's kiri. then it's some blocking and off to Wendy by next week.

Remember my green Odessa? I had started the decreases, only to realize I had missed a couple beads. I ripped it out and started over.

My friend's baby girl turns one next week, and I've promised the little girl a bunny hat. It just needs a face.

I've decided against putting the lace edging on my pie shawl, I owe you a modeled shot.

I'm hoping once I finish up some of these gofts, I can get to work on my sockpal socks.

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