Friday, February 24, 2006

The New, Improved, long awaited...

(Red is side view, blue is folded with top edge and bottom edge touching.) bonnett pattern.

Baby Bonnett

Size: Newborn to 3 months
frog tree alpaca, 137 yards. (sport weight)
Size 4 needles or size needed to obtain gauge
3/8" Ribbon
2 Stitch markers
Gauge:24 Sts= 4 inches

Size: 3-9 months
some sort of Dale of Norway(Dk weight yarn)
Size 6 needles or size needed to obtain gauge
5/8" Ribbon
2 Stitch markers
22 Sts= 4 ins

Instructions are the same for all sizes of bonnets. They are worked in different gauges to achieve the different sizes. I would imagine this pattern may work with worsted weight yarn, and appropriate needles for an older child, but I have yet to try it.

The lace trim is borrowed from the book, Knitting on the Edge, by Nicki Epstein.

Knitting definitions

k- knit
k2tog- knit two stitches together
p- purl
pm- place marker
p2tog- purl two stitches together
sl m- slip marker
sl 1- slip one stitch as if to purl
sk2p- slip one stitch, knit two stitches together, pass slipped stitch over stitch just knitted
st- stitch
St st- Stockinette stitch
yo- yarn over

Cast on 63 sts.
knit 2 rows
row 3: k2tog, yo,*k3, sk2p, k3, yo, k1, yo* repeat to last st, k1.
row 4: purl
row 5: k2,*yo, k2, sk2p, k2,yo,k3* repeat to last st, yo,k1
row 6: purl
row 7: k2tog, yo, *k1, yo, k1, sk2p, k1, yo, k1, yo,sk2p, yo* repeat to last 2 sts, k1, yo, k1
row 8: p2tog, purl to last 2 sts, p2tog (63 sts)
row 9: knit
row 10: knit
row 11: k1, *yo, k2tog* repeat to end
row 12: knit
row 13: knit
row 14: *k1, p1*, repeat to end
Contine one by one rib for 2 more rows. (rows 15, and 16)
row 17 through row 22, work in St st.
row 23: k23, ssk, pm, k13, pm, k2tog, k23
row 24: purl
row 25: knit
row 26: purl
row 27: k 22, ssk, sl m, k13, sl m, k2tog, k 22
row 28: purl
row 29: knit
row 30: purl
row 31: k21, ssk, sl m, k13, sl m, k2tog, k21
row 32: purl, removing markers
row 33: k34, k2tog, k1, turn
row 34: sl 1, p12, p2tog, p1, turn
row 35: sl 1, k13, k2tog, turn
row 36: sl 1, p13, p2tog, turn
Repeat rows 35 & 36, working to first stitch before gap until all side sts are used up.
Bind Off

Pick up 43sts along the bottom of bonnett.
Work one by one rib for 3 rows.
next row: Bind off.
sew side edge of ribbing to edge of lace trim on left side. Repeat on right side.
weave in ends

Thread ribbon through eyelets and block lightly.

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