Monday, December 26, 2005

Not a real post

Well, we're still trying to fit Jess' Christmas haul into her room. She was so much fun to watch. Not only did she get into the gifts but she really got into the whole idea of Christmas this year, which was very cool.

We are not done yet, Wednesday we leave to visit Nate's family.

A big thanks to Jillian who shared her IK subscriber access with her readers. I now have Salt Peanuts saved. I have the back and left front done. It doesn't look like I'll make my self-imposed New Year's deadline, but that's ok.

Oh, Carma, you're package arrived on the 22rd. THANK YOU! Jess loves her outfit, Nate's been living in his pj pants, I love my book (alterknits) and the T shirt made an appearance Christmas Eve. (Pictures to come, the camera is charging.)

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