Wednesday, December 07, 2005

mindless babble

Nate has cast his vote for the sweater. He like the tubey neckline. So, what I think I will make some modified tubey sleeves (Can't just make them as they are written. What's the fun in that?) I figure I will make raglan sleeves and then join with the back and I should get the same effect.

Right now I have a pair or two of Sweet Mary Janes I need to crank out.

Last night we had the first of our holiday engagements. This was a very casual vendor party at the marina. I was finally able to put a lot of faces with names, as many of Nate's co workers was there. At some point in the evening, as I caught names and remembered stories associated with that name, I realized that the other person was doing the same thing. ...Makes me wonder what Nate's been telling them...

While we were at the Marina Jess stay with my Mom. My mom, pulled me aside last night to ask me if I were finished with all my shopping. I am, she knows that, but what's she getting at. She pulled out a list and asked if i could help her with hers. Of course I will. I'm just thankful she asked me last night and not on the 23rd like she did last year.

Jess has come down with something that makes her sound like she's an 80 year old chain smoker, so she will stay home with me today. Hopefully we don't drive eachother nutzo.

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