Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Salt Peanuts progress...

...Which is stalled because I cannot find my pattern. I'm hoping I left it at Lesa's on Monday, otherwise I'll have to call Interweave and have them send me a copy. (or buddy up with someone who has a copy of IK spring 2004.) Note:color is much brighter in person Rowan Cork in Sour.

Jess' white cardigan, minus a bit of finishing. Oh, and those snaps gotta go. We'll be heading up to Joann's and finding some other snaps. (must have snaps, so I have been informed.) It seriously needs a good blocking. I tried to steam block it, because we had some water quality issues lately and the last thing I wanted was to knit a white sweater and have it turn yellow from bad well water.

Y'all wondering what this is? (Besides a giftcard) You are looking at Nate's CHRISTMAS BONUS. whoo. hoo.

Jess got an early Christmas gift the other night. We put up her bed that she's been wanting for months. Did she play in it? Yes. Did she sleep in it? For a whole 40 minutes.

For some reason, Blogger will not displaythe date/time for me or let me alter it in any way. Stupid blogger.

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