Thursday, December 08, 2005


Sweater update. I have hemmed the body of my sweater, and knit one of the sleeves to the elbow. I'm hoping to get quite a bit done over the weekend.

In the meme time.....

(I totally lifted this meme from Erin, to use as blog fodder)
TEN random things you might not know about me:
2. Riding backwards on the train makes me ill.
3. I cry too easily, and it pisses me off.
4. I love stale popcorn.
5. I am very self conscious about the scars on my arms.
6. I like to "people watch". People often mistake this for me being "aloof".
7. I do not like to talk on the phone, and avoid doing so when I can.
8. I've been battling depression for quite some time.
9. I'm totally inept when it comes to hair and makeup.
10. In terms of musical talent, I am the "squib" of the family. (I had to fit a Harry Potter reference in.)

NINE places I’ve visited:
1. Niagra Falls, Stateside and Canadian
2. Victoria, BC
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Seattle, WA
5. Orlando, FL
6. New York City
7. Chicago, IL (duh)
8. Chattanooga, TN
9. Disneyland, Ca

EIGHT ways to win my heart:
1. Make me laugh.
2. Be considerate of others, unprompted.
3. Be genuine.
4. Be respectful.
5. Be yourself.
6. Be intelligent.
7. Be open-minded.
8. Have an opinion, no matter what it is.

SEVEN things I want to do before I die:
1. Visit Europe.
2. Have something published.
3. Go back to college.
4. Make a difference.
5. Watch Jess grow up happy and healthy.
6. Pick a profession
7. grow old.

SIX things I'm afraid of:
1. Screwing up this parenthood thing.
2. Serious illness
3. Losing my memories
4. Losing my loved ones
5. Failing
6. Disappointing my loved ones

FIVE things I don't like:
1. Having someone else's views forced on me.
2. those who cannot accept the consequences of their actions.
3. arguing for the sake of arguing. I have to leave the room.
4. When things are unneccessarily complicated.
5. Being considered unintelligent because I do not have a degree.

FOUR ways to turn me off:
1. Be disrespectful.
2. Pretend everything is okay when it is not.
3. Take things too seriously.

THREE Things I do everyday:
1. comtemplate
2. spend time with my family
3. knit

TWO things that make me happy:
1. Family
2. Friends

ONE thing on my mind right now:
1. Concern about Jess' recent behavioral issues

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