Friday, December 16, 2005

A white, cabled Christmas?

The 2nd Hermione hat. done and drying.

Progress on Jess' white sweater. She has requested a "smooth" (read: stockinette) cardigan. I've decided to make her a saddle shouldered cardigan, since I have never made a saddle shoulder garment. Also, she has agreed that I may put one cable down each sleeve, mainly for my benefit, to ward off boredom. I have the back and part of one sleeve so far. She has asked if I could finish it so she could wear it for Christmas. I'm hoping to have it done.

To reward my progress, I am (finally) making myself a pair of Sweet Mary Janes. I want to thank you all for the positive things you've all had to say about this pattern. I absolutely love seeing everyone's take on this pattern.

Tomorrow we have a Christmas party being held by one of Nate's co workers. These things are so weird for me, because:

1. Nate and I are usually the youngest couple in attendance by at least a decade.

2. Being that my father and brother have been working in the steel mills a good number of years, I usually run into many people who either know one of them, and /or remember me as a child.

I've been assured that this party is very casual, so I need not dress up. This is very good news since there is virtually nothing in my closet to be considered anything but casual.

Carma, since you were wondering, I will be wearing a pair of non-faded jeans, a (store bought) orange sweater, and my rocket dogs. I might even go a little wild and wear makeup. Possible do something to my hair, but don't hold your breath.

Jess is so excited about Christmas, she is LITERALLY bouncing off the walls. Next week will be very LONG.

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