Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Deja Vu

Ok, y'all may be asking why the heck I am knitting the EXACT SAME HAT the I knit myself a few weeks ago. It's because the first one was way too big in the ribbing and keeps getting blown off my head.

Note: see the mug, Carma, it's holding hot chocolate with homemade raspberry flavored marshmellows. Yum.

Now maybe you're asking why I haven't just reknit the ribbing on the first hat. Well, when I went to block the thing It grew. Alot. so I had thrown it in the dryer to let it shrink up and felt a bit.

So, here's hermione hat take two. This means I am using the yarn I set aside for my mittens to make another hat, so no matching mittens. I do have some alpaca in my stash to make some fair isle mittens.

Oh, and this. Jess has been requesting a white sweater. Yes, I know this is a disaster waiting to happen, but really, how could I tell her no.

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