Friday, December 09, 2005


The snow kept Jess and I in last night,Nate in traffic for a few hours, and apparently, a boeing 737 to skid off the runway. I gotta tell ya, I am SO HAPPY that there's no snow day today, or I just might lose a bit more of my dwindling sanity. Cabin fever's setting in and winter's not even official yet.

Unfortunately, neither Nate nor Jess has been too cooperative in letting me finish my sweater, so I have no real progress to report.

Mom was planning on taking the grandkids for a sleepover tonight, we'll see if that happens.

My plans for the day are shot. I'm going to have to cancel on Jill, AGAIN. I'll be spending my day shoveling out. Nate (Mr. 4x4) doesn't need to shovel to get out.

Ok, enough of my complaining about the weather.

Have y'all heard about Stalker Angie's (see sidebar, I don't feel like linking) contest? It's design contest for Stalker Angie Gear and blog. If any of you have a talent for this kind of thing, I suggest you check it out. But hurry, the deadline is the end of the year.

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