Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Plan? what plan?

I've decided I want to make myself a sweater to wear to all the holiday functions I have coming up. You may remember that I had casted on for the hourglass sweater in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. That has since been ripped out and the pattern abandoned. Instead I'm just winging it. My sweater is more of a cross between the hourglass and Teva Durham's Ballet tee.

So far, I have it knitted up to the armpits, with quite a bit of shortrows in the bust, so I will have a very fitted sweater. No picture yet, I have to tack down the hembefore it'll look like anything. Here's where I'm stuck. The body's done in the round and I'll be doing the sleeves in the round, but what kind of sweater do I want it to be? Should it be a raglan? Should I make it a set in sleeve? Should I make my own version of tubey from the new knitty? I know it's difficult without seeing the wip, but any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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