Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So much to do...

A new warm spirng day, and every member of the Vaughan family well.(finally, on both parts.

Jess' spring bulbs are starting to open and she is just smitten with them. She spent most of the morning checking on her flower garden, bulbs and other assorted yard vegetation.

On the knitting front.

Mom's sitcom chic cardigan is done, and drying. I strayed from the pattern on the yoke, (read: lost my notes and was too lazy to look it up.)but I think it will be just fine. Hopefully I can refrain from giving it to her until Mothers Day.I'm still trying to figure out how I want Nate guitar strap to look, I'm hoping to knock that out real soon. I still have to make the sleevees for my Jacket, but I should have that done by the end of the week. Right now I'm going through my stash and keeping what I have a plan for and attempting to get rid of what I don't.

My knit along has been collecting members. I'm so excited. I'm still trying to decide who to make.

THis week I am just trying to finish some things up. Nate and I talked last night. Our move south is imminent. So, we'll be busy sprucing things up here and clearing out the stuff we don't want to move with us.I'll post pictures tomorrow. Right now I'm off to finish the stitchmarkers I promised Sean.

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