Friday, April 01, 2005

the aftermath

We all survived yesterday, and as long as no one calls social services before I can clean house, all will be well.

Nate came home last night, took one look at me, and sent me to bed. After a 15 hour sleep I'm feeling much better and fever-free.

I'm betting my mother is a bit miffed at me though. We were suppose to go to lunch yesterday. She'll understand.

She's taking today off and should be showing up here this afternoon, I think. That should give me some time to get the house in order. Maybe even some time to run some errands.

Not much knitting has commenced in the Vaughan household. I attempted Nate's guitar strap yesterday, thinking it would be a nice and simple project, only to find I was even too sick to knit. (Can you imagine???)

Have a wonderful weekend, and hopefully I'll have some knitting content to share with you next week.

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