Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ok, ok here are the dang pictures!

Camera's up and fully charged.

Mitten, for a third time.
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UNdecorated tree, with 6 foot hubby to provide some sort of scale reference.
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Decorated tree minus hubby
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Stepmother's scarf, short one ball of silk garden
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Newsboy cap, for myself, in Jo sharp silk road tweed aran.
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I finished my book. An enjoyable read, especially since the author pokes some fun at the Borgia family in it. I think I'll have to pick up another of Mr. Maguire's books up soon. But first I have a few others n my imaginary reading list.

I caught up with the Yarn Harlot's entries today. Part of me thinks, "Wow. How cool would it be to have someone organize my time and tasks into a workable schedule?"
Then the other part of me snorts with a laugh and answers, "Please You'd never follow it even if you had a schedule." (You see I tend to have issue with anyone telling me how to spend my time, even a piece of paper. In high school I refused to read the "required reading" in English class, BS my way through the tests, and then go back and read the selected novel on my own. Yup, THAT stubborn.)

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  1. You stubborn? REALLY?

    Gee never noticed..... hehehehe

    :P You know that you love me!!!! ;)