Sunday, December 19, 2004

'Can't hardly feel my ears.

I have cast on my second mitten. But really that has been all I have been able to accomplish on it. With Fair Isle (especially being new to it) I find I have to knit loosely and have a minimum of distraction. With school out, and Nate starting his vacation midweek, I don't see that happening. I mean I guess I could find a way, but it requires me locking myself in our only bathroom to work on it. Jess only goes to school a for roughly three hours a day, but I think that has spoiled me. So, I might have to hold off on the second mitten until January third. That is the day my life is scheduled to return to normal.

So, I had decided to use this time to finish up (or at least work on) the 6 work in progresses I have. Yup all set to do it. I swore off all new projects until I had made some progress. That was Friday night.

Saturday afternoon My Mom and my 8 year old nephew, Austin, came over. It was cold. Austin was wearing one of the first hats I had ever knit. I had made it just for him. It is his favorite. It's a plain green ribbed hat. I noticed one problem. I can see his ears. He had grown so much in the last year, his hat no longer fit. It was too small to the point that I wonder how he's able to keep it on his head.

Austin, the master of subtlety, said nothing of his ill-fitting headwear. He tromped in and stated, "Whew, it's cold out there! 'Can't hardly feel my ears." He then walked up to me, looked at me for a good 10 seconds in silence, and removed his hat.

Point taken. Any other kid attempting this would have gotten an earful from me on manners, But I can't help to giggle at Austin. He's really one of the sweetest kids I know. He just has that quirky Krafft humor, and that Brandon self-confidence, that our family shares in.
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So I cast on this and I hope to have it done when I see him on Wednesday. Sort of a pre-festivities gift. Before he left he asked when Jess was gonna come stay with him now that school's out. (what other 8 year old do you know looks forward to their 3 year old cousin coming to spend the night? He very much likes to play the part of older brother, I think.) Not a word about that around his friends, of course, that would be uncool.

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