Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's going to be a long day

I should have known. Really I should have. Yesterday had gone so well. I should have known today would not have.

Yesterday went like a dream. No fits, and Jessie wanted snuggle time. We played, we laughed. It was a good day. When I went to bed at about 2 am, I felt pretty good. (Going to bed late is a pretty normal thing for me. It gives me some quiet time and some time to battle the effects a toddler can have on a clean house.)

I should have known, when at 5:30am Jess was up and ready to play. I begrudgingly got up with her and started my day. And it wasn't too bad. Until this was lost.
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Approximately at 6:30 am, Jessie, who has been shape obsessed recently and goes no where without her foam book with coordinating foam shapes, realizes she is missing the heart.

Three-year-old meltdown ensues. Jessie screams and cries and proceeds to throw a fit. All the while screaming "I wanna find your heart!" every two seconds. Things escalate from there. Meanwhile, I am FRANTICALLY searching the house. Which is hard to do because anytime I walk more than three feet from the screaming three-year-old, she starts screaming in the upper octaves.

Finally at 8am, (Yes 8am. This screaming fits last the ENTIRE time with the "I wanna find your heart" chorus continuing the whole time) I find the heart under the Christmas tree.

Now, many of you ask why I didn't make the screamer find the heart herself. Normally I do, and to her credit she tried. But due to her visual impairment this is a very hard task for her. Especially a red heart on a maroon carpet. If it was more that 18 inches from her face, I don't think she could have seen it. So I bear no ill will about it. I understand it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lock myself in the bathroom for a few minutes.


  1. You poor thing. :(

    I'm going to search everywhere for a copy of that book so you have "spare parts"... We can call it part of YOUR birthday present. ;)

    Love ya,

  2. This is Carma's friend Cari. So, I feel for you on this one, Erin...Faith had a meltdown of her own today. Something related to me not wanting her to put her crayons in the floor vents for the heater. Who knew such little things could send our little girls over the edge? I hope you had at least a few quiet minutes in the bathroom. :)