Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A better ending

So, after I locked myself in the bathroom and wept a bit. Jess and I went on to salvage the rest of our day. (By the way, thank you, Cari for reassuring me that other children have these tantrums. Also, that others have "wax art" residing in their heating vents.) We didn't do too bad. We even ventured out and rounded up a few things to include in Jill's birthday gift.

Jill's birthday is the 23rd, and Katie called me to run her gift idea by me. Since Jill has taken quite well to her knitting lessons, Katie thought it might be nice to round out the basic "learn to knit" gear I equip my "students" with. So she had asked that since I would know what would be useful, etc, if I could give her some ideas. I offered to do the legwork for my very cute pregnant friend, if I could share in the idea and contribute to it. So Jess and I went out to round up supplies. We did pretty well too, with one exception. No knitting bag (the bag was not only meant to be useful, but also as a sort of "wrapping"

All the bags I encountered today were either way too old lady or so "unfun" tacky, that I could not pick one out. So, I'm attempting to make her one. It's sort of a suki bag that I am making with odds and ends. I do realize it may be tacky, but I am trying to go more for "funky". What do you think?
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So, I have popped open a bottle of Pete's wicked Ale, and I'm knitting what hopes to be a funky tote.

1 comment:

  1. I think it looks very funky in a fun way... :)

    And I think the Pete's Wicked Ale will help anyway (hey it's not like that stuff ever hurts, right?)

    I think she'll love it.

    :) Carma