Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Ok, I've been holding out. I have yet another blog I read regularly, that I don't have linked on the side bar. Now Norma Knits 2. I always read her after I read Too Much Wool.

Anyway, Norma ran a contest yesterday and the comments are very entertaining. By the way, I love the idea of blog contests. Too bad no one reads mine, or I could hold my own. *sigh* Oh well.

My mitten is coming along. And Look it's actually the same one from the last picture. Amazing!
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I figure I will "test knit" one before I post the pattern on my free patterns page. Now the question is whether anyone wants my pattern.

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  1. I love your mitten! Don't get discouraged about takes a WHILE. I ran a contest once, in the spring. Almost nobody entered. It was embarrassing. this latest one was an absolute rush!

    I'm honored that you read me, right after Cassie (Too Much Wool). Norma (