Wednesday, November 30, 2005

peaceful protest

Our kitchen is small. It's actually more like a gloirfied hallway in typical Ranch-style home fashion. Jess is one that like to be in the middle of things...literally. This has lead to a new house rule:

No one is allowed to sit on the kitchen floor while the kitchen is in use.

This has made Jess most unhappy. In fact, this morning when I got out of the shower and headed to the kitchen to fix breakfast, this is what I found.

(Pay no mind to the dirty floor. In my defense, the flooring is old, so even when it is clean, it still looks dirty.)

Mail Call!

Recently, Jen tipped me off to this site, and I ordered a whale for Jess for Christmas. He came today, all giftwrapped and everything! She is not charging enough for these cute little guys. (If you want to know what Jessie's looks like, you'll find it under her sold items. His name is Moss. Go look, before I buy more to flesh out my christmas list.

Also, I popped on over to Rachel's ilovecutethings site and ordered some stationery and buttons. It's all so...well, cute!

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