Monday, November 07, 2005


Christmas Knitting Update:

Ok, I have my bus drivers wrist warmers done. All four pair. I am showing you the one I have all the ends woven in. Just imagine Three and half more pairs that look EXACTLY like this.

Sis' felted purse is done, except for the strap. Why you ask? The strap requires that I knit a double i-cord over FIVE FEET LONG. I really don't want to do that. So, I think I'm going to grommet and find some funky shoulder strap to adorn it. It is now taking a happy trip through the washer

I also started the sleeves for my Dad's sweater.

In other Knitting News...

Jen of has started a Sweet Mary Jane KAL! How cool is that? While you're there, go check out her new shop, which should be up soon. She and her sister make the cutest little pouches. I love them, and they hold up fantastically. I have a couple and I abuse the heck out of them and they still look great.

Our weekend wasn't a whole lot of fun. we all spent most of the weekend sleeping, and if not sleeping running through kleenex and praying for a head transplant. Although we all seem better now., except for the fact that I have lost my voice completely and Jess has taken complete advantage.

Now a picture purely to evoke nausea for Carma. A little under half of my Christmas list (shopping and otherwise) DONE. (Plus the three November/December birthdays we have.)

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