Tuesday, November 29, 2005

time to be selfish

Dad's sweater is done. Well, it needs a serious blocking, but you get the idea. I'd like to apologize for the lack of color accuracy, it's been a dark and gray day.

This means my Christmas knitting to do list has been reduced to a felted hat and half a pair of felted clogs, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Totally doable. In fact so do able that I'm working on my leaf lace shawl for the Evelyn a Clark knit along,

and my perfect pie mohair shawl,

and I cast on an hourglass sweater for myself. Saying all that I sound kinda cocky don't I? I apologize.

So, no one's guessed what relation Santa is yet. Keep the guesses coming someone'll get a prize.

Thursday we have a stitch n bitch meeting that is going to have a sort of yarn swap. I already have a bag full of things that need a new home.

Carma and the new boy are coming to visit this weekend. There just may be a weekend post or two coming up.

Added later: Ok Who keeps finding this site by googling "sleeping with my best friend's mom"? Is this one person? Or is this MANY misguided folks?

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