Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Don't be hating.

Boy...nothing like pissing off the blog world with a picture of Christmas accomplishments. If y'all realized the size of my Christmas list, you'd realize why I strive to finish all Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. There is a reason I start knitting gifts in JUNE.
Every year I make the suggestion that the adults drw names for Christmas gifts and we can then all buy for the kids. Every year I am shot down.

Piddleloop's Sweets Mary Jane KAL.

It starts on Thursday, for those interested.

Moving onto to other knit news

Nephew's hat is done. Well, I have some end to attend to. It matches his new coat, and is guaranteed to cover his ears, until the next growth spurt.

Sis' purse. I am trying to steal an idea from Teva Durham, and make a felted link strap. We'll see how it turns out.

Oh I cannot wait until I finish my Christmas stuff. I have plans for so many things for myself. An hourglass sweater...a hermione hat...a silk corset...and socks. We mustn't forget those.

Of all the knitted items that have come off of my needles I have kept one pair of socks, a shell, a hat, a shawl, and my ravenclaw scarf. I'm due.

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