Thursday, November 10, 2005


One cousin hat done.

I know what you're thinking. You are thinking, "Wait a sec, that looks JUST like the hat Erin made her nephew." That's because it IS exactly like my nephew's. Cousin J is a Rams fan. Originally, I was going to model it after the helmet, but I just didn't feel like putting forth the effort.

Then I cheated a bit with my leaf lace shawl for the EvelynAClark along.

I finished the chain strap for Sis' purse. I kinda like it. I used the leftovers I had from the purse. With the darker color and a short 10.5 circ, I cast on 50 sts and knit 8 rows then Bound off. The lighter color I used a VERY short circ. cast on 35 sts knit 8 rows and bound off.

Also, here is one of the felted clogs that will go to my stepdad for Christmas. It wasn't on my list, I thought I had already did my time in felted clog purgatory, but it seems thatsince my stepdad (finally) quit chain smoking, the swelling in his feet has drastically reduced, and last year's clogs no longer fit.

Oh, I have a baptism to attend Sunday, so I had to knit up my standard bonnet gift.

I would also like to apologize to anyone who tried to follow my notes on this bonnet that I had previously posted. One should always test knit. I'm sorry. At some point I will write out the pattern CORRECTLY and test knit and post. Some point after New Year's.

I also bought myself a VERY early birthday gift.

I have been wanting to make the Vegan Fox for quite some time now. I thought I might as well pop on over to FuzzyGalore and pick up the kit, onlyto find they are no longer selling them. Instead, I went to Royal yarns and picked up the yarn. I cannot wait. I have a green hat with a little veil that will commpliment the fox quite nicely.

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