Thursday, November 03, 2005

Already a little nervous

ok, as November marches on, I'm going to need your help to stay on task. I have all of my Christmas knitting on the needles and in various stages of progress. The house is a mess. Projects strewn everywhere. Latelly, I've been pushing all WIP aside and trying to cast on a sweater, a sock , etc. (i.e. non christmas gifts) If I keep this up, I will NEVER finish these projects. Help me. Nag me. Demand posts. Pictures. whatever it takes.

This is what I have to finish:

FIL a train coss stitch barely started
Dad a sweater about a third in
Jess a sweater barely started
SIL Retro rib socks one down one to go
Sis felted purse UPDATED: Done. washed, needs strap
Niece crochet cat barely started
Nephew hat half done
Cousin hat barely started
cousin hat barely started
cousin hat barely started
Neighbor felted potholders sew an edge
Neighbor felted potholders sew an edge
Bus drivers wristwarmers4 pair)UPDATED: DONE

Then our anniversary is January 22nd, and I'd hoped to make Nate some Almost Argyle socks.

Help me keep on task. Thanks.

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