Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Still on track.

Ok, some finished objects and works in progress. It's cold, windy and snowing here so I'll be staying in this afternoon and hope to get some of these things done.

First off, my latest Mary Janes. Noro Kureyon 146. I borrowed an idea from Stacey and sewed the strap to the other side in leiu of a button.

I bought some pvc pellets for the cat I need to make my niece, so I figured I needed to pull that out. Here I have half a head. (I'm "remote blogging" from the living room on Nate's new laptop today.)

This mass of unblocked brown ribbing is Dad's sweater, knit up to the armpits, one sleeve attached and the start of the second sleeve.

I have wound the yarn a bought for the restart of my perfect pie shawl. Outback mohair. This stuff is SO much softer than the yarn I had previously. I plan on using some sportwieght hemp for the edging.

My covert operation:

to knit Nate a pair of socks for Christmas without him knowing. Some Lorna's laces sport in Safari.

And I leave you with Jess' favorite project. My vegan fox. I plan on wearing it to my Stitch n bitch tongiht, so no full pictures yet.

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