Monday, November 28, 2005

Home again

Our Thanksgiving trip was smooth sailing, with the exception of a few bumps Nate and I encountered with each other. I tipped off my BIL about the blog when I signed the guest book on his site, and he was all "You've been blogging for over a year and you didn't tell us??" I then reminded him that it's primarily a knitting blog and didn't think he'd be interested. Nate has since reconsidered his view of the blog and now looks at it as a potential "hot sheet" of what's been bugging me. The running joke this trip was everytime Nate would do something that brought on "the look" from me, someone would chime in, "Uh oh...that's going on the blog..."

Our Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful as always, and then Friday we went to the Santa train at the Whitewater Valley Rail Road in Connersville, Indiana. The train goes to pick up Santa, then he works his way through the train visiting all the kids aboard. Jess LOVED it. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, she replied, "Christmas presents". That's my girl. (Psst...we're related to to guess how? I might make it worth your while. Those who know are disqualified.)

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