Thursday, May 12, 2005


A while back, (quite a while back) I discovered entrelac. I LOVE ENTRLAC. I realize I may be in a minority here.Now I'm not taking entrelac sweaters, I mean who needs to ADD wonky, unflattering bulkiness to a garment.

Anyway, my first experience, was an entrelac square put of Noro Silk garden. (Which lead to Sesame Street which had a terrible accident in my knitting bag. *sniff* I will resurrect it one day)
Beautiful. But what to do with it?

More recently in reorganizing my yarn containment system, or lack there of, I found a bunch of little wool "ball-ettes" So I picked up the stitches around my entrelac square, and decided to make it into a bag by knitting a square for the back, from the outer edge in.
I washed it a while ago, and forgot about it. (Are you bored yet? Ok, onto the pictures.)



Lovingly diplayed atop the pizza box That contained my lunch of leftover pizza. How's that for an "artsy" photo?

Anyway, I still need to make a strap of some sort. A strap you say? Something about a guitar strap? Yeah, I frogged it. (again) The yarn I chose is just not working with the cables. --What?..Did someone say entrelac??

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