Monday, May 02, 2005


This weekend I finished my tank, and tried it on. One word came to mind. FRUMPY. So I ripped it back out and went with the honeymoon pattern. I like it, except I'm at a point where I'm stuck. the pattern calls to work the side to three stitches and then do I-cord for the straps. This will not work for me. A bra will be a requirement for me and dinky little three stitch I-cord is not going to work.

So, I've stopped my decreases at 6 stitches. But now I cannot decided how I want to make the straps.

This has been the only knitting I've done this weekend. We put in our new water softner on Saturday. Everything was going smoothly until, in tightening everything up, we broke a vital connector, in which we are having trouble finding a replacement. Of course then Sunday Nate came down with what seems to be the ailment that Jess had last week. So we've shut off the water. We use it sparingly, and when we turn it on we have to set a pitcher under the leak.

My new car search has been frustrating. I've come to find that no one seems to sell manuals anymore. Oh, they'll order it for me, but I see the dollar signs shine in their eyes when they offer.

Oh well, enough of my complaining.

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