Friday, May 20, 2005


I do not have much to show you. I have not yet finished my koigu sock. Two reasons:
1. I was looking at the calendar, and realized my cousin (well, cousin's oldest son, I can never remember what that makes us, but we refer to each other as cousin anyway.)is getting married in less than a month. I took a gander at my "dress up" clothes and, well, it's black, black, and more black. Hardly appropriate for a June wedding. June 11th, actually which just happens to be KIP day. Will I have a project with me? You bet.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. The only non black dressy type thing I own in a striped linen skirt, I have never worn it, because I have nothing to go with it. So, a quick trip to the yarn shop yielded a bunch of Jo Sharp dk cotton in the exact color of the red stripe that if heavily featured in the skirt. Sorry for the lack of photos.

2. Jess is sick,again. I'm telling you I'm seriously considering sending her to school in a biohazard suit. then maybe we could have a week of perfect health around here.

So we're off to see the doctor today. I should have pictures of finished sock and progress of my knitted top for the wedding shortly.

As for all of you who have already seen ROTS, I'm jealous. Nate and I were hoping to see it this weekend. You know get a sitter, have a night out just the two of us, to celebrate our anniversary. (you know, the one we had in JANUARY? The one that everytime we make plans to celebrate, the cosmos twart us?)

Other misc. knitting items.

Stalker Angie (I cannot tell you have psyched I am about being stalked by Angie.) suggested I make a cardigan out of the oasis I bought. I agree wholeheartedly, now I just have to decide how I want it to look. She also suggested aybe a shrug for honeymoon, but I have some frog tree cotton earmarked for the project.

I have written out the purse pattern. I just want to go over it again to make sure it's correct, then I will post it on my free pattern page (see sidebar)

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