Monday, May 23, 2005

knit, knit, *hack*...Now with pictures!

Turns out that Jess has a sinus infection, I have also beensimilarly affected, so our weekend consisted of sleeping, hacking up things too gross to mention, and being downright miserable.

But I do have a finished pair of koigu socks.

Now I must confess, that although I have been describing them as mine, they are not in fact for me. (Although part of me REALLY wants to keep them.) Who are they for? I'm not telling yet.

I did get a good part of my top for the wedding done. It's the "little back top" from the stitch n bitch book. with a few modifications for a better fit. (shortened length, more short rows) I'm hoping to have it done within the next couple days so I can move on with some WIPs and be done with them.

On a sad note, Jess stepped on my newly aquired bakelite needles.

but, it's a clean break toward the top, so I'll be busting out the superglue shortly.

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