Sunday, October 16, 2005


Let's start things off with the Ravenclaw scarf.

Knitpicks wool of the Andes in winter night and maple syrup. Total cost:about 17 bucks. Number of trapped bar stripes: 9

Moving on to the scarves I intend to send to a trunk show Seattle.

1824 wool, baby ull and target fuzzy yarn. One by one rib, with fibonacci stripes.(ends still need to be woven in)

Knitpicks dye your own sock wool, koolaid dyed with orange fuzzy Target yarn. one by one rib.

alpaca lace weight and silky wool, felted scarf. knit sideways in garter.

I leave you with my two mary jane slippers, in progress. (Hold tight, the pattern is on the way. If you are intersted, I think I'll be charging 5 bucks for the pattern. If you're intersted, Email me at: pinkerbell44 AT yahoo DOT ie)

More pictures tomorrow.

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