Sunday, October 09, 2005

Can I have a "do-over"?

What a weekend. First off, I took the time to charge up the camera and then I LEFT IT HERE. (Bad blogger.) We arrived in Gibson County on Friday afternoon. The house had been a clubMed for mold and mildew in the past month. This was partly expected and we had taken cleaning supplies with us to clean the place up and try to nip some of this in the bud. This weekend was a learning experience.

For example, if any of you were planning on killing me by way of a severe sinusitis this would be the way to do it. Full out congestion, sneezing, coughing, fever. Good times. Saturday, we sent Jess off with her Grame, and Nate and I set off the clean the couple of rooms we were staying in. By the end, Nate had to finish cleaning, while I laid in the front yard and prayed for sweet death while "blowing" through a box of kleenex.

Once cleaned and aired out, I managed well enough inside, although I was still quite feverish. At some point, dove under a pile of blankets we had brought along and slept a good three-plus hours. I re-emerged feeling better and not wanting to die so much, so I worked on my PoA Ravenclaw scarf. I have about ten more rows before I call it done and it gets a photo shoot. That was really the extent of the trip, or at least all that I was able to participate in.

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