Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Thanks for all the positive comments and emails about my pattern. It brightened my day.

I had been a little bummed. You see, we just got word that they are changing hubby's insurance beginning next year. The change is going to be costly, and I now feel like a real idiot for postponing my surgery until after the New Year. Ah well, what can you do.

I have a few more project photos to show you. First off, my latest "Sweet Mary Janes". I used Lamb's Pride and wool scraps for the edging and straps. Their mates have not been "strapped" yet, so I left them out of the photo. I need to dive into my button box and see what I can come up with. If I can't find anything there, I just might make some more shrinky dink buttons.

Two of the three felted hats promised to my cousin's little girls. I have one more to make in hot pink. The hat pattern is my own, made from some Naturespun Sport,but the roses are from Two old Bags, wooly embellishments.

Some wristwarmers from the Last Minute Gifts book. I used some 1824 wool I got on sale a while back.

Some socks for me. Toe-up, random stripes, from some Koigu leftovers. I plan to knit them until I run out of scraps, then the cuff and heel(afterthought heel) will be made out of an untouched koigu skein.

We are planning on having a little get-together this weekend with my side of the family to celebrate Nate's birthday a bit early. We usually wait until after his birthday (the 28th) since we always visit his folks for the weekend closest to his birthday.

This means I have less time to be totally clueless as to what to get him. Before anyone suggests something handknit, let it be known that he'll be getting handknit for Christmas (hopefully) and if not, our anniversary (January) so I'd rather go the store-bought route this time. Any ideas??


Word from my sockapaltwo-za recipient. Go check it out at Ewe Devil

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