Monday, October 03, 2005

Note to self


When deciding on a shawl project, do not opt for a laceweight yarn, when the pattern clearly calls for fingerling (How the hell did I miss that?) and expect the same results.

Also, Boys=PU. I did not make it to Chicago on Saturday and had to cancel my plans with Jen last minute. (Sorry, Jen.) But, karma being what it is, the boy in question was called into work, so it all works out.

Third, when driving out to South Bend to attend a signing you'll be blogging about, PLEASE remember to charge the camera. That is all.

Sunday was a family affair. Nate, Jess, and I piled into the car to drive an hour to South Bend. (We also lost an hour, coming from a central time zone origin to an eastern time zone destination.) We got there way early, (I was unaware the toll road had bumped the speed limit to 70mph. When did this happen?) So we had breakfast, and then wandered around until 10am. No one was there. So we went to the Chocalte Cafe and hung out for a bit. Nate was just about to suggest we call it a day at 10:30 and head home, when Kim, Jack, and Stephanie pulled into a parking spot in front of us.

The South Bend Sit n Knit is a very cute shop. Jess and Nate found comfortable seats on the couch. I accosted Stephanie and got close and personal with the sahwl she was wearing. Then some spinners showed up, and I was having to deal with some SERIOUS wheel-envy. I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all.

I am a bit rueful though. Kim and Jack were having a drawing for one lucky person to go out to dinner with the Harlot. Did I enter? No. Did I want to? Yes.

THe one picture I took before the camera ran out of juice.

Carma, Stephanie asked where you were. I explained your car troubles. I did pick up a book for you, and I will send it out tomorrow when I locate the rest of the stuff I have to send to you.

The Harlot signed some books, read "Sock for Sinead" and then did an informal Q&A session. At that point we had to go. Jess, who had to this point been an extremely well-behaved little girl was starting to get antsy, and cranky.

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